Board of Directories


James Myers: Chairman of the Board
Corporate President

Ellen Myers: Board Member
Corporate Treasurer

Richard Myers: Board Member
Corporate Vice President

Susan Pendleton: Board Member
Corporate Secretary

Elizabeth Pendleton Brinster: Board Member

James Myers: Founder of James Myers Co.,
Chairman of the Board

Ellen Myers: President/Treasurer of James Myers Co.,
Marietta College/B.S. Business Administration

Richard Myers: Vice President/Project Management
University of Maryland/B.S. Consumer Economics
Over 25 years experience

Susan Pendleton: Corporate Communications
Over 20 years experience in operations and management

John Madden: Vice President/Sales
Over 25 years experience

Joe Gretchen: Vice President / Preconstruction
Over 20 years experience

Christine Macdonald: Project Manager
Over 25 years experience

Alex Zorich: Project Manager
Over 10 years experience

Judy Abrahamson:
University of Maryland/B.S. Accounting
Over 15 years experience

Joseph M. Schneider, RRC: Senior Project Manager
University Las Vegas/B.S. Business Administration
20 years experience

James Garner: Operations Manager
Anne Arundel Community College/A.A. Architecture
Over 30 years experience

James Daniell: General Superintendent
Journeyman sheet metal worker,
Over 25 years experience

Agim Drenica: Sheet Metal Superintendent,
Journeyman sheet metal worker
Over 15 years experience